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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Angular Cheilitis Foundation: Real or Fraud?

The same thing happened with Brad, who was only 14 years old when he was diagnosed with this medical condition. His father recounted that from a lively and happy boy, his teenage son became withdrawn and socially isolated. He no longer wanted to interact or socialize with his friends and other people because he was ashamed of his appearance.

The touching story behind Angular Cheilitis Foundation about a father’s love for his son is probably the main reason many people are drawn to it. The foundation formed by Orlando Ellis in 2003 seeks to help people suffering from this inflammatory skin condition, from which his own son Brad suffered for three years.

Angular cheilitis, also known as perleche, cheilosis, and angular stomatitis, is a skin condition that manifests as cracks at the corner of the lips, which can eventually become infected lesions accompanied by flaky skin and drainage of pus. Although the problem doesn’t seem that much of a big deal for some, the condition can take a toll on a person’s quality of life, particularly on one’s self-esteem.

This prompted Orlando to conduct an extensive research study about the condition, especially after several failed attempts for treatment from different doctors. What Orlando discovered is that this skin ailment, which is caused by a fungal, bacterial or viral infection, is usually triggered by excessive moisture. That’s because fungi and bacteria thrive well in this condition. Eventually, he was able to devise a treatment that was able to permanently treat his son’s demeaning illness.

angular cheilitis infection at mouth cornerThat’s what he wants to share with the rest of the world through an eBook that he has written. According to the foundation, the success rate of the treatment discussed in this guide is 97 percent. However, we just can’t take their word for it. As with any medical product, it’s imperative to go through a thorough investigation to find out if it’s indeed effective or not. One way to do that is to evaluate available consumer reviews.

Let’s take a look at some of the reviews posted online.

“I started using the procedures mentioned in the guide six months ago. So far, I’ve been free of angular cheilitis since then. I think it’s a great guide that comes with really useful techniques.” – Marge K., Texas

“My friend told me about this eBook and thought that I wasn’t going to lose anything trying it. And it was a good decision for me. I found the tips here helpful for my condition.” – Kenneth T., Kansas

“Honestly, I didn’t want to try the product. For one, the foundation doesn’t seem real. The website is amateurish, and it resembles those promoting product scams. And the eBook is also quite expensive at $67. I mean, why would I pay for that, when I know most of what I could find here would be available online, right? A friend insisted I give it a shot. I did and am glad. The book was very useful.”—John D., Chicago

There’s a mix of positive reviews online about the Angular Cheilitis Foundation. Some people attest that their angular cheilitis woes were resolved and have never looked back.

In a gist, here’s a quick comparison of its pros and cons:


  • It provides a detailed 9-step treatment process
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Some people find the procedure useful


  • The website doesn’t seem professional
  • FAQ section doesn’t provide helpful information
  • Some find the treatment expensive at $67
  • The eBook doesn’t come with any images or photos, just text

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